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 Piano Lessons Wirral : If you are looking for a Piano Teacher who can teach you or your children not only how to play but also music theory, composition, then this is the right place. I've been teaching students of various ages for more than 10 years. My style is patient, interactive and fun! You or your child will be taught by someone who has studied with top teachers in Europe.

    Piano Lessons are tailored to pupil needs - whether it's preparing for ABRSM / Trinity graded exams or just wanting to learn how to play well-known tunes on your own terms . Students are taught in a series of carefully structured lessons to ensure an all-rounded experience of piano playing. This ensures a steady and efficient progression at the most comfortable rate for the student.

    I provide enthusiastic support to all students in a creative and relaxed environment, which guarantees satisfaction and enjoyment. I offer also Online Piano Lessons  - where lessons can be recorded if needed and you will also have access to all recordings after your lesson has ended!.Online Piano Teacher - DBS

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Do you want to learn how to play the piano?

 Learning how to play the piano has never been more accessible. Piano Lessons Wirral, Wallasey, Birkenhead. I teach anyone wishing to learn how to play.  You'll get personalised feedback from professional piano instructor who will work with you until you reach your goals. I prepare my students for ABRSM exams - 100% of my students are passing with highest scores. My lessons are run in a fun and friendly environment and I have many years of experience in teaching people of all ages. I teach Children and adults - from beginners to advanced. I also teach music theory and composition.

I offer also online classes, where there's no need for expensive equipment or driving long distances - everything happens right on your computer screen!

The best part about Piano Lessons Wirral ?

Structured, tailored lessons allow you to progress and record your progress. Friendly atmosphere, professional equipment and free parking. Lessons from me are fun, relaxed, engaging and easygoing and prices are very reasonable. Learn theory, music composition, technique, as well as professional skills and confidence - whether you'd like to pursue a career in music or just want to enjoy it privately. Join 'Piano Lessons Wirral' now to start your journey of becoming a pianist!

Are you looking for best piano lessons in Birkenhead, Wallasey...Wirral?

I am an experienced piano instructor with over 10 years of teaching experience. My piano lessons are tailored to your individual needs and will teach you not only how to play the piano but also music theory and introduction to composition. No matter if you want to pass your Piano Exam or just play for fun, I'll help you achieve this! I will teach you piano but also music theory and introduction to music composition

I am passionate about what I do and love seeing my students grow in their skillset as they progress through lessons with me! Contact me now so we can get started on achieving your goals together! Click here right now and contact Piano Lessons Wirral for more information about rates, availability, etc.